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We offer for sale safety items protecting workers in the construction, food & beverage, metal fabrication, life science & healthcare and energy and chemicals industries.

Those safety products include head & face, hearing, respiratory, hand and fall protection, protective workwear, first aid products, spill control & containment, flammable storage solutions, facility supplies and confined space instrumentation, in addition to other products.

We carry a variety of high quality brands from the World’s best manufacturers.  Those brands include UVEX by Honeywell, Moldex, 3M, MSA, Mechanix Wear, Dupont Tychem, Gojo, Brady SPC, Radnor and others.

If you do not find a safety product listed for sale on the website that you are interested in purchasing, please use the request a quote form and we will respond promptly.  All products that quotes are requested for will be added to the product catalog to make it easy for future purchase.  We offer 1,000,000 safety items for sale and 95,000 safety products are in stock and ready to ship.

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